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Do you belong to a non profit or a small to medium business?

Have you thought about the products and services you offer and how they can generate profits?

Why profits you ask? Well of course for the obvious reasons, to pay wages and have a surplus to grow your business.

In some doctrins of thinking, especially in light of a climate crisis, profitability may be viewed as an opposite to sustainability.

If you take any value judgement out of the equation in simple maths terms having a surplus rather than just a turn over allows for growth of a company and determines a strong future.

Publicly listed companies have many factors which make them financially viable to investors, and free products and services is one element as is human value. A free service can actually hold financial value to a company, especially if it has ethical justifications.

Company’s investment portfolio is also a key factor in appearing strong to investors.

If we take the case of a physiotherapy company for example. There is no way that this company can generate a large profit, rather than a turn over, unless each individual in the organization has a large skill set and are experts in their field. This being unlikely and rare, many people in this profession work very long hours with bookings back to back to cover costs.

But can such a company or any in the allied health provider area, have a vision which goes beyond the supply and demand of a basic service.

Can they indicate to an extent, greater or lesser than Bill Gates, and provide something extraordinary that revolutionises the way we think about health care?

The constrictions on entrepreneurs in this climate makes radical innovation difficult, however not impossible on smaller local terms.

How responsive and agile these companies are leans itself also to the creativity of the leadership, the strength of their teams and the ability and drive to stand out from the crowd in both business and human rights ethics.

As we move towards the next phase of human development where utopian ideals are discussed, can we find the freedom to do something worth while for all beings, where a profit can become a bargaining of an ethical not merely a monetary value.

Food for thought.

Keep well and keep writing.

If you are a non profit or a small to medium business and would like 15 minutes free advise on Best Practice please contact me via my web site.

Thank you.


More on being young at heart

Paintimg of my son, click here to purchase prints.

Are there fundamental differences to raising boys or girls?

It’s a tough question to answer.

What I love about this painting is that is shows us how we all begin: with an ability to show loving kindness. In many ways we seem to think we need to perhaps not show this type of tenderness when we grow up.

Finding a balance between play, love, creativity and responsibility helps us emotionally grow.

As Mother’s Day approaches I say a prayer to all those Mum’s whose children are far away from them by circumstances out of their control and for anyone who has experienced sudden loss of a parent, or women who have miscarriaged.

Some of these taboos are still with us, it takes bravery to speak about them and courage to show compassion not judgement of another person’s feelings or circumstances.

All profits from my paintings go towards Lymphoma Research in memory of my Grandfather who was young at heart.

Cate xx

Creativity and Being a Child at Heart

Girl Blowing Bubbles – painting of my daughter available for Sale here. Profits going to Lymphoma Research in memory of my Grandfather.

Please click on the link above to order prints on canvas or the original painting.

This painting is of my daughter and holds a fond memory of a beautiful day together.

She loved making bubbles and the magic involved with them.

Shall we be reminded to be young at heart and inquisitive to the universe.

Paintings and prints being sold are in memory of my late grandfather. A gentle spirit who was young at heart.

Thank you for the likes and follows.


Mother’s Day Free Book Promotion

Click here to order, 1st week in May free on Kindle.

For the first week in May my revised edition of The Beach A Collection of Short Stories is free in Kindle.

If you loved the first book or you are looking for something to provide some inspiration for change, make some time for your self to read this book.

Re editing this version has been in response to customers who have stayed loyal to this title.

It has also been a process to more deeply delved into this work as a way to demonstrate to others the value of taking pride in your creativity.

This is often the largest step towards lasting change, being able to article what you are most proud of and to show case it in some way.

It may seem contrary to aspirations of being humble and ethical in sustainable production, however developing time and space for your own work can be a practice in your personal development.

Enjoy this work and please share the link above with family and friends in the lead up to mother’s day.

Have a wonderful day.

May you find the peace inside of you to make the changes you desire.

Legs Out

I continued my health success journey with daily walking for Legs Out for Lymphoma in memory of my Grandfather.

It was a journey of connecting with nature, learning about local history in the parks and gardens in Perth and remembering what a gift my Grandfather’s love and intelligence was and still is.

Please support this wonderful cause and the work of the Lymphoma Australia and make a donation. #lovelife  #health #intelligence #success

I Don’t Know Why by Cate Hayes – Album Preview

I Don’t Know Why

My new album I Don’t Know Why will be available for digital download on music streaming services soon.

The title track is an original song written for my son.

Ocean Eyes is a cover song and was recorded for my daughter, this year.

The other tracks were sung last year. River in particular is in the memory of my Grandfather Jack who grew up in the River land, and taught me to feel my feet in the sand. Set Fire to the Rain is also dedicated to him and the freedom of the beach, even on rainy days and the beauty in nature he shared with me despite his inner battles with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

The other tracks Feeling Good and Fields of Gold were sung alot last year while walking by the lakes and appreciating nature. Fields of Gold is in dedication to my Dad and his enduring love.

I hope you enjoy the album.

Profits go to finding a cure for Lymphoma.

Peace and Love

Cate xx

Finding time for you

Shout out to all the awsome people of Perth, Western Australia.

Here in the West we are the quiet achievers and the under dogs of this country.

We’ve done so well during really hard times recently, keep our homes running well and our hearts open.

Perth people are generous and welcoming, and remind me of the old fashioned country values I was brought up with.

But no matter who you are change is hard, because we become protective of our selves.

Keeping focused on goals in our personal and professional lives can be tricky, because by nature most people are resistant to change.

But what if just finding space and time for your self could bring about a greater sense of openess, and willingness to help others.

As Christmas is approaching it could be a good time to reflect on the concept of developing a regular spiritual practice.

Interestingly, research shows to develop leadership, a greater percentage of our time needs to be devoted to personal development.

Perth small businesses have had to endure alot recently, but if you are finding that things aren’t where you thought they might be, take some time to breathe, feel grateful and develop a closer relationship with your self and those most near and dear.

Having a small business turn over that is just turning over rather than generating a profit that can create social change requires leadership, structure, strategy and qualities that value the human spirit.

Shout out to all of the individuals in Perth who find the abundance in life by valuing all creatures great and small, and for working to help others, rather than for material gain.

You could start by developing a routine of breathing and developing intuitive ways to grow and change.

Best wishes for you all far and near and not matter what you are facing, stay connected to spirit.


New Song

Fields of Gold

New Single Fields of Gold a cover song, created from reflecting on the nature of life and the evening sunsets in beautiful Perth.

Listen on digital download platforms.

Small positive steps in one’s own life leave a path for others to create more change towards compassion and happiness.

Cover photo

“Nothing More than what We Are” – Wisconsin Horizons by Phil Koch June 21, 2019, public domain.

Peace and happy listening.

Cover song license obtained through distributor September 2021.

The Beach Audio Book

I am pleased to announce a Cate Creations Publication: The Beach as an Audible publication.

This first audio production was a good learning experience and I thought of my Dad and Grandfather alot and how patient they were with achieving their goals.

I hope you enjoy listening to my book and if you are an inspiring writer, reading your work out loud can help you get into more of the feeling of the work, from the reader’s perspective.

Happy reading & listening!

Listen to The Beach by Cate Hayes